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Akmenos by Leeseetsa
A Teifling for a game of Dungeons and Dragons. Golly, I make my pictures tiny!

Also, as I am re-learning to draw (and learning for the first time how to do realistic faces), I shamelessly used the bottom right model here as reference: 575717b777ff8d928c6b-704c46a80…
Thank You by Leeseetsa
Thank You
Wow. My first upload in a while. Granted, it's also some of my only digital art in a bit- most of my other stuff has gone to various, lost-to-time tumblr accounts.

But this didn't really fit any of those, and it needed to be put out somewhere. It's not the best, but then again, we're all only human- the best is only a concept, not a physicality.

I want to say so much with this piece, but I would never forgive myself if I did not let the piece speak for itself. So, I'll start refraining now.
  • Listening to: A variety of things, but mostly vocaloid/ fan jpop
  • Reading: JTHM
  • Watching: No TV for me, thank you
  • Playing: Rune Factory: Tides of Destiny
  • Eating: nothing
  • Drinking: nothing

..::The Rules::..


Choose one of your own characters (OC).


Make them answer the following questions.

Then tag three people.
Feel free to add some questions of your own.

..::Interview Time!::..

Interviewee(s): The Jailbird, team RED

What gender are you?

Jailbird: *Pokes at boobs* Ah... Gonna have to go with 'female' on that one.

What is your age?

Jailbird: Age 19 as of March 25th, 1968

Do you want a hug?

Jailbird: Well, if you ask me first, then sure!

Do you have any bad habits?

Jailbird: Probably...

What is your favorite food?

Jailbird: Anything that isn't from the jail cook. However, I do have a soft spot for meat.

What is your favorite ice-cream flavor?

Jailbird: Either Vanilla or Mint-Chocolate-Chip

Are you a virgin?

Jailbird: I... that... depends on your qualifications of the term....

Have you killed anyone?

Jailbird: Not yet, but I am a mercenary, now; that's probably gonna change.

Do you hate anyone?

Jailbird: Oh, yes, there is someone that I particularly loath as compared to other people. (Also, bolded answer because the computer is being a bitch)

Do you have any secrets?

Jailbird: Well, I I told you, it wouldn't be much of a secret now, would it?

What is your favorite season?

Jailbird: Autumn FtW

Who is your best friend(s)?

Jailbird: Have yet to make one of those yet.

What are your hobbies?

Jailbird: Baking, I suppose. And people watching. Can't forget about that one.

What is your favorite drink?

Jailbird: Milk is particularly nice. *nod*

When is your birthday?

Jailbird: March 25th

Are you nice or mean?

Jailbird: I would like to think that I'm that healthy mix between the two that renders a person intimidating.

Are you social or shy?

Jailbird: Well, while not particularly shy, I'm not exactly the freshest on my "People Skills," so.....

What do you think of your parents?

Jailbird: All three of 'em? Not worth my trust; not worth my time.

What's your weakness?

Jailbird: Really, getting rid of all the convoluted ways that I could go into key detail about it, I'd have to say that I, internally, am my own weakness.

What do you do on a regular day basis?

Jailbird: Wake up, eat, train, go to our team's medic's office, people watch, eat, train some more, eat, chill with the guys, crash. Rinse and repeat.

Do you love someone? How about romantically?

Jailbird: So.... the division in "love" here would be from a platonic love to a romatic love? Because, you know, when people say love, they typically mean romantically as opposed to platonically..... and no.

When was the last time you wet yourself?

Jailbird: That is a loaded question, and one that I will not answer.

What's your favorite band?

Jailbird: Gotta say that I like Ella Fitzgerald

Ever worn a dress?

Jailbird: Yes.


Jailbird: It was for a formal event that I really wanted to participate in, so yes, willingly, to a certain degree.

What do you consider fun during the day?

Jailbird: Watching the others on the base and learning what they do as far as their jobs go. Maybe I could learn a thing or two...

At night?

Jailbird: Suggling up in my bed, jacking into a looped heartbeat sound effect, and falling asleep.

Ever kissed anyone?

Jailbird: In a platonic sense, yes.

...Of the same gender?

Jailbird: Yes, but only platonically.

What's your favorite thing to touch?

Jailbird: Never really thought about that.....

Does anyone love you?

Jailbird: Hell if I know!

What's your favorite color(s)?

Jailbird: Black. I also like certain color combinations.

When was the last time you cried?

Jailbird: Um... Wow... 3-ish months ago?

Do you have a pet?

Jailbird: No.

Are you crazy?

Jailbird: I have no grounds to answer that question.

What are you?

Jailbird: ... The Jailbird. Deviant scout. Human? Human.

What's your nickname?

Jailbird: Sometime 'Bitch', if you're pissed off at me.

Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?

Jailbird: Well, I would like to think that I present myself as a positive person...

If you were a superhero, you'd be...?

Jailbird: "The Flying Bitch"

Favorite movie?

Jailbird: Not really into movies, actually.

What is your current occupation?

Jailbird: I'mma Mercenary.

Who do you know that bugs you?

Jailbird: No one of importance.

Have you 'done it' in the past month?

Jailbird: No.

Ever think about getting married?

Jailbird: Sometimes....

Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?

Jailbird: Define "Sleepover".

When was the first time you 'did it'?

Jailbird: I've had enough of this. I tag moonspark5996, crocogator78, and stratophobia.

Do you have any piercings anywhere?


Final question. Who do you tag?

--___-----//---//___--- - --   --    -


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United States

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